The Knock Ups

by Theknockups

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released January 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Theknockups Boston, Massachusetts

Formed in 2012 The Knock Ups are a female fronted, self proclaimed GLAM punk band. Bringing back the energy and sound of the riot grrrl movement.

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Track Name: The Knock Ups - Knock You Up
She was a country girl
Big dreams little world
Gonna move far away
You can still hear her momma say,
"Arlene Arlene
Arlene Arlene
Don’t let those boys
Sold all her possessions dear
Traded love for whiskey and beer
Told her she was a star one night
Black eye Blue eyes too bright
Track Name: The Knock Ups - 1969
City lights are glowing black and white
city of angels on TV
and you will fly there
to make your way out on the scene
and you will be
one of the bright stars in the sky
so don't you mind all the sirens through the night
or all the screaming right outside your front door
its just another bad trip running down the corridor
And there's this guy who will sell you wisdom
on the street his name is Charlie
and his family's kind of neat he'll feed your dreams
with all this hope and LSD
and you will be one of the bright stars in the sky
you know you got there
but you don't know how or why
and as you're kneeling beside this dead starlet's corpse
the sound of helper skelter right outside your front door
Track Name: The Knock Ups - Shut Up (and put your dress on)
Hey you! Sitting there
Sitting pretty in your easy chair
barking orders in your underwear
you're thinking you'll tell me what to wear
SHUT UP! and put your dress on
Mr. Toughstuff looking fine
Thinking one day I'll make him mine
all the other girls don't see the signs
I'll put you right back in line
SHUT UP! and put your dress on
Track Name: The Knock Ups - Dionysius
Talk, talk for hours
Like a fool I let you in
Words so real they win me over
Like a record in my head

You will lose this
You can choose this
You will lose this
You can choose this

Minutes turn in to hours
Said you’d always be my best friend
Saw you standing right beside me
Turn around you’ve walked ahead

Chorus repeat
Track Name: The Knock Ups - Wear My Love
They say love can tear us apart
Its true
And your love’s toxic (just like a drug)
It kills you

Come on baby
Wear my love
Come on baby wear my love
Can’t you see this lie?
Killing you

Everyone’s got their opinions
About you
They can keep their moral high ground
Its loose

Track Name: The Knock Ups - ALL FOR ME
You don’t talk very much
But I do
All of your words are so simple
But they’re true
I’d like to get you alone
In your room
Find out all of your sins
To consume

Talk to me
Dance for me
Sing to me
Fuck for me

I like to be in the center
of the floor
You look longingly
At the door
I push and I pull til you break
Give me more
You sing the one song I want
I adore
Track Name: The Knock Ups - BUSTED (Live on WMFO)
Here he comes on his knees again
Hands out affection like it's money to spend
I'd love to hate you it will be my end
Turns out this boyfriend has another friend

How I love using you
And I love abusing you
I'd like to keep you

Friends say his poison like a dirty rat
But in the bedroom he's my kitty cat
Walk him around like he's just for show
Think he's a pretty girl if you didn't know